Monday, January 16, 2012


A miracle happened this past weekend!

I'll start at the beginning.  Eight years ago, one of my friends found a rabbit in the street.  She was young and malnourished and I offered to take her in.  She spent many years living with me, but when I moved in with Dietrich I felt it was time to find her a new home.  I knew she could not roam free in the new home, and I couldn't stand to keep her cooped up all alone.  I took her to a local bunny adoption show in hopes of finding her a new home.  Well, the big joke is that I ended up rescuing and coming home with another bunny, Clem.  The folks at the adoption show somehow convinced me that this was the best solution to the problem I was facing.  Dietrich wasn't so sure, but he lovingly looked the other way. 

That was two years ago, and it wasn't long after adopting Clem that I realized it was a mistake.  I mean, if the reason I adopted Clem was to keep Pita company, what was I going to do when one of them passed on?  Adopt another bunny!?  All I could see was perpetual rabbit ownership, which made my head spin.  I never asked to be a rabbit owner in the first place.  Bunnies do have their cute and redeeming qualities, but I after eight years I can confidently say that I am not a bunny-person.

I soon tried finding a new home for both bunnies, but had little success.  I wasn't willing to give the bunnies to just anyone, and the bunny rescue programs were perpetually full.  I continued to keep a home for them, all the while my patience growing thinner and thinner.  Once I grew desperate, I got my mom involved and she concluded that the Humane Society was a good option for them.  We just had to call and make an appointment.  We called, and they were full.  That night Dietrich and I were watching the news and heard, "Dozens of bunnies found wandering the sand dunes!"  I couldn't believe it.  I felt like we would never find a home for them, with all the rescue programs full, and even more bunnies needing to be rescued.

After much deliberation we finally decided that Animal Services was the best option.  I didn't feel great about it, but the morning before we took them in I wrote down my vision of their new home, one that was warm, cozy and loving, and where they would get lots of attention.  Then I drew the angel card "Surrender"  and I felt at peace with my decision.  My mom offered to take them in for me, so we drove them up to Santa Rosa and said a tearful goodbye.  Then we waited...

When my mom came back she said, "You are not going to believe what just happened!"  She was standing in line at Animal Services and ran into an old acquaintance, Kim.  My mom explained that she was there to surrender the bunnies and Kim just offered to take them!  She even had an empty hutch waiting for them, and more rabbits at home!  It turns out she is a total animal person and used to head up the 4-h rabbit program.  Here are the bunnies on their way to their new home.

So, to make a long story short, a miracle happened!  I am so grateful that Pita and Clem are in a new loving home!

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