Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ice Skating

 During our trip to Yosemite I got to go ice skating two times!  It was pure joy for me.  I was a bit wobbly at first, which I remembered from the last time I skated about 3 years ago.  I started to feel a bit more comfortable after about 30 minutes or so, and attempted some jumps.  After a couple of falls I actually landed a double salchow!  I think it was a bit under-rotated and a barely saved landing, but I did it and the evidence is below. 

I tried some spins too, they made me really dizzy.  I'm not sure how I managed to do those in the middle of my program back in the day.  

So, now I am secretly plotting a way to get back into skating.  I feel a bit challenged, considering the closest rink is over the hill, and I already have so many other things going on.  For now I may have to settle for watching it on television.  On Sunday there was a special tribute to Peggy Fleming on NBC that was so much fun to watch.  It was especially inspiring to me because it featured some older skaters that I remembered watching as a little girl.  Here is video of Peggy Fleming's performance at the 1968 Nationals for your enjoyment :)


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  1. So wonderful! Brings back so many special memories! It would be so great if you could get back into it! :)