Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Santa Rosa

I had such a relaxing time in Santa Rosa this weekend.  Of course, there was the bunny miracle, but I also had some nice time with my family.  We got to go out to a relaxing dinner at Mayacama, and I think it was the first time we had been there since our wedding!  It was delicious and cozy as usual.  We came home and had cookies!
On Saturday Dietrich took a golf lesson, and my mom and I took a walk around Spring Lake.  It was so lovely.  We walked and talked and it was the kind of time that makes your heart warm.  It was so beautiful at Spring Lake too.  We saw some deer.
And we ran into a nice pregnant lady with a cute dog, Maggie.  Juno and she enjoyed visiting.
We also saw this bird.
It was walking very slowly, like it was tip toeing and didn't want to disturb the tiniest blade of grass. It was very striking.  When I got home I looked it up in my bird book and I learned it was Great Egret!  I love learning more about birds.


  1. Looks like such a fun weekend! Wish I could have been there :) great pics.

  2. I wish you could have been there too! Next time.