Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Canal skating

Image via
When I was growing up one of my fantasies was that the streets would turn to ice and I could happily ice skate wherever I wanted to go.  I even dreamed about it once, and it was one of those dreams where you wake up disappointed that it wasn't actually reality. 
So, I was so excited to see these pictures of people in Amsterdam skating down the canals!  Amsterdam is cool enough with unfrozen canals, and the fact that it gets cold enough to allow ice skating around town ~ well, I just might have to have a winter home there!  {In my dreams, of course}.


  1. This looks like a painting! What a beautiful image!
    How fun it would be to step out of your door with ice skates on and head out to work or errands or visiting. This must have been a really happy dream for you Hannah and how wonderful to find this image to bring it back to life! Thanks for sharing. Oh, and I am glad to hear you aren't moving to Amsterdam. I would reeeeeeeeeeeeeally miss you!

  2. Someday one of us will certainly have a second home (one of multiple) somewhere in Europe because there is no doubt that we will all be rich and successful in a few years, give or take. Then we can all go canal skating. I want you to teach me your tricks!