Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I'm not even two weeks into tax season and I'm already dreaming of our next vacation.  I have some ideas, some slightly more realistic than others.

I would love to stay with friends at this house in Cabo to celebrate my 30th birthday.

My good friend Nicole just returned from her honeymoon in Dominica, and raved about it.

Ever since I saw Joanna chronicle her weekend getaway to Turks and Caicos it's been bookmarked in my travel folder.

My father-in-law just sent us a link to this island in Belize.

I once stayed at the Viceroy Palm Springs for a girls getaway and would love to bring Dietrich there. 

I would also love a quick escape to Big Sur to relax at Ventana Inn

Do you have any ideas?


  1. Ooh! Big Sur. It is easy to get to but you can really get away. No cell phones. Or (gasp) blog updating!

  2. They all sound beautiful! What fun to look forward to one of them!
    Love you,