Thursday, March 29, 2012

First dates

Three years ago last week, Dietrich and I went on our first date.  We met at the gym where I was a trainer at the time.  We had one of our first conversations when he ordered a pie from my short-lived baking business for Thanksgiving. From November until March we had a number of short, sweet and sometimes awkward conversations.  He spent some time in Brazil and we emailed.  He came home right around my 27th birthday and asked me out after my birthday brunch.  We went to Little Tampico that night.  We had a lot to talk about, and I wasn't overwhelmed with nerves like I usually am in those sort of situations.  (Maybe it was the margaritas?)  Everything about it just felt pleasantly natural and relaxed.

Later that week we had a day date and rode bikes on West Cliff and went tide pooling.

Shortly there after we took a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium together.

We developed little routines in our early courtship.  I would go over to his house after we worked out and he would barbecue us burgers.  We would eat them on the deck and soak in the spring sun. We took sunset bike rides and admired the scenery together.  It's a magical time to remember.

The beginning.


  1. :) this was cute to read!
    and it made me hungry too. burgers after workouts? sign me up.
    xx jes

  2. I love this story!

  3. What lovely images on so many different levels.

  4. Aw, this is so cute! Beautiful pictures - and I love seeing Santa Cruz-area places mentioned in your posts. I miss SC so much!

  5. Thank you! It was fun to write this and relive it via memory :)

  6. I LOVE that last picture. So much happiness!