Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moving Furniture

Winding down at my tiny party

One of the hilarious things that we talked about at my tiny party was the trials and tribulations of moving heavy furniture upstairs with your significant other.  All of us happen to live in two story buildings and have experienced the culmination of team work, strength, strategy and masterful communication that comes along with moving a heavy item up the stairs.  

When Dietrich and I move a large piece of furniture up the stairs it almost always starts with a little pep talk:  

"Now remember if at any point you feel like you are going to hurt your self just drop it.  Everything will be okay."

Then comes the countdown:

"K, ready? One, two, three, lift!"

Then the progress report, in-between held breaths, in as few words as possible:

"You got it?"


Then there's almost always a mini fight:

"I gotta put it down."

"Hold on" 

"I can't hold on."

"What just happened?"

"You're pushing me!"

"You're holding it too high!"

"You're moving too fast!"

 "Are you okay?"


And then we finally get it upstairs and admire what a good job we did working together, and how proud we are that we are able to work as a team.

Remember this episode of Friends?



  1. haha i completely related with this post and that friends clip is my all time favorite.

    i wasn't allowed to "help" when me and my sig other moved.
    1) because i am of no help
    or 2) because i enjoy screaming "pivot" when there is no need to pivot.

    xx jes

    1. Too funny! It's one of my favorite episodes too.

  2. Oh Hannah! This is hysterical!
    Love you,