Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Watercolor Lagoon

Sunrise Fin Mermaid

When I stumbled upon this quote last week, a particular artist came to mind.  She is a dear friend I met when I was living in Capitola and she and her husband serendipitously moved in next door.  Everything she does is art.  Her mission is to stay inspired and this seeps out of so many facets of her life, including her whimsical sea watercolors.  

Humpback Whale

Giant Pacific Octopus

A quote from her etsy shop
"Sometimes I like to fathom a tiny mermaid who swims in my tea...I like to picture her swimming in the liquid brew as she imbibes the tea with added magic and I imagine her silking through the warmth, surfacing with an errant tea leaf resting on her shoulder." 

Tea Sipping Mermaid

More of Snow Seychelle's art can be found here and her inspiration can be found here and here.

Chambered Nautilus


  1. So beautiful! I LOVE her art. It's majestic and awe-inspiring. The colors and lines are breath-taking... not to mention the beauty of the mermaids!

  2. So pretty! I especially love that last one.

  3. She is by all definitions "art". Her imagery looks effortless. I enjoy feeling her creative current as I look into her art. :)