Thursday, July 5, 2012

Creative Cord Covers

One of the projects I tackled in my cleaning frenzy was Dietrich's desk.  We just got one of those adjustable desks that can go from a sitting configuration to a standing configuration with the touch of a button.  It's a neat, ergonomic idea, but not very pleasing to the eye - especially with the open back that shows a plethora of haphazard cords dangling akimbo. 

So I went to work with zip ties.  Now I have all the cords dangling together in one strand, but it's still not that pretty of a picture.  I'm considering sewing a neutral fabric skirt for the desk. 

Here are some other great ideas for covering up ugly electronics and cords:

A fancy zip tie.

Leaf Tie via Apartment Therapy

A wireless router disguised as a book.

Via Apartment Therapy

My sister's creative approach to cord beautification:

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  1. What great ideas and what a difference they can make!