Friday, July 6, 2012

On Finances

Image by Nick Cannon via A CUP OF JO

Since Dietrich and I both have backgrounds in finance we tend to be pretty geeky about our budgeting, saving and spending.  While I have always been one to track my spending, I would say that I definitely tend towards the indulgent side.  Dietrich is the opposite.  If he didn't have to eat or put a roof over his head he could go months without spending a dime. I think we have been a nice balance for each other in that regard.  He's influenced me to be a more savvy spender, and I have influenced him to splurge when it matters. 

With this in mind I am considering starting a new feature on my blog about all things related to money. Stay tuned!  (But don't hold your breath, because let's be honest - I am suddenly horrible about posting regularly and finances aren't exactly the most engaging subject.)

On that note, more soon!


  1. I would love this! Please do it! I am so clueless when it comes to all things financial.

  2. Me too! :) This segment would be very valuable!

  3. I love your outlook on those differences! Dietrich can live like a camel when he needs to and survive without even water, lol. Great idea about the finance topics. I just started a book you might be interested in, "it's not about the money" by Brent Kessel. He combines spirituality with achieving financial freedom.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement!

    Jim, that book sounds I interesting, I'll have to check it out!