Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Comfort in the Kitchen

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Whenever I get bored around my house my mind inevitably wanders to rearranging furniture.  I don't always act on it (Dietrich would go nuts) but I love the refreshment that a new arrangement brings.  

Home and design sites (one of my favorites is Apartment Therapy) offer great inspiration and give me new ideas.  I recently stumbled across a photo of a comfortable chair in the kitchen and fell in love with this concept!  My mom has a couch and a comfortable chair in her kitchen and that's pretty much where I live when I go visit her.  How nice would it be to cook a yummy meal while I loved one curls up nearby with a cocktail or cup of tea?  
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Even better yet if you're the one engulfed in a comfortable chair while a loved one cooks for you! 

What are your favorite sources for design inspiration?


  1. Love Apartment Therapy! :) The house tours are endless inspiration for when I have my own place. (I've warned my boyfriend that when we move in together, he just needs to let me do my thing.) I have a serious design obsession that needs to be acted upon!

    And I LOVE the idea of a cozy chair in the kitchen. It makes a ton of sense.

    1. I know, the house tours are the best! They offer such great inspiration. My favorite thing to do is to imagine the floor plan of the houses they feature...is that weird? I think it stems from my desire to remodel.

  2. I agree, comfort in the kitchen is lovely. I'm sitting in the kitchen in mom's chair right now! Love that top picture of that cozy little kitchen - so cute! I love retro appliances.

  3. such a cute idea. my kitchen's not big enough for that, but i'm filing this away for the future :)