Monday, October 15, 2012


I shared my morning routine a while back (it's so different these days)  and now I'd like to talk about evening routines.  Dinner, specifically.  What do you like to do for dinner, or in the evenings when you are winding down?

Dietrich and I have had changing habits over time, but lately I have been loving Real Simple recipes.  They recently published a meals for a month issue which includes shopping lists and recipes for four weeks of meals.  I love the variety, and that it takes out the hemming and hawing about what to make for dinner.  It's pretty easy on the grocery budget too!

I'd hate to admit it, but often times after dinner we usually end up watching TV, catching up on emails, work and social networking.  I would love to spend more time away from artificial screens, so we have been trying to incorporate more backgammon and yoga (for me).  That sounds totally random, but it's true!

What about you?  What's your evening routine?


  1. I highly recommend Scrabble. Mom and I played it a couple nights ago and it got pretty heated. Lately I've been trying to power-down my electronic devices at least an hour before bed and it's really improving the quality of my sleep. I've been into reading by candle light and pretending it's the 1800s and electricity hasn't been invented yet. Pretty nerdy. (Not hard though, considering Mom's such a fan of low-lighting).

  2. Yes, I love Scrabble too! And candlelight is always so relaxing :)

  3. We always try to be back home(to our RV) by 5 or 6 PM from our day of site seeing so we don't miss happy hour. Judy always has a glass of wine and I usually have a vodka on the rocks. We rotate our main course between steak, chicken or pork chops much of the time. If we had lunch then we will go with something light such as grilled cheese sandwiches.
    We may plan our meal by deciding what to thaw out the night before. We always have some things that we can just put in the microwave such as Jack Daniels Brisket. Judy keeps the grocery list up to date on her phone so if we decide to stop at a store to get something for dinner we can get anything else we need.
    We use our grill for most meals. For side dishes we always have salad ingredients on hand. We rotate the salad selections between ceases, chopped and tossed. Depending on how hungry we are we will add a vegetable , baked potato or escargots. We have a pasta dish about once a week.
    We do eat out once in awhile but it is usually only when there is a restaurant with something unusual or seafood.

    1. I love the priority of happy hour, what a nice time to sit back, relax and reflect on the days events with Judy! I am impressed with how organized you are and loved hearing about your dinner routines on the road :).

  4. i'd love some sort of calming evening routine, but right now i've been working in the evenings and eating out! yoga sounds like a lovely alternative :)