Thursday, November 29, 2012

So I've been a little lax about posting lately, but I just wanted to check in and share another great article on the Equals Record written by my sister, Hilary.  I'm so proud of her! :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

My Sister...Published!

I got the most fabulous email in my inbox today....from my sister with a link to her first post on the Equals Record!  You can read her post that reviews some wonderful-sounding books here.  And for more of her writing, check out her blog, What's It About?.  

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Justin the Artistic Horse

Image via Adonna Combs, Artistic Horses

I just read about Justin the artistic horse in The Week, and I couldn't resist sharing.  I love animals and I love artistic expression, and the two melded together are almost too much for my heart to handle! 

Words from Adonna, Justin's owner:

Paintings by Justin The Artistic Horse, began with my horse Justin’s natural ability to pick up objects and play with them. As a visual artist myself, when I saw him take my riding whip and begin drawing in the arena sand I had the concept of attaching a paint brush to it and let him paint. I began working with him the same way that I train him for riding by using natural horsemanship communication techniques, including positive reinforcement. Once he understood what I was asking he began having fun and looking forward to every painting session. To my surprise we have become an artistic team and he has become quite a painter. 

Now Justin holds art shows in his barn and sells paintings and prints!  You can watch a video of him painting and see the artwork for sale here.