Thank you for visiting!
This is where I like to share thoughts, inspirations, projects and happenings  of my daily life. 
Here's a list of reasons that I started this blog:
  • I feel inspired by other fabulous blogs, writers and artists.
  • I want to share with loved ones things that might not be mentioned in a conversation or a visit.
  • I love having a variety of creative outlets.
  • I made a New Year's resolution to write more, and overcome my fear of social networking and sharing things on the internet.
For those who don't know, by day I work as a CPA.  I'm married to a wonderful man, Dietrich, and we live in Santa Cruz, CA.  When I'm not working or blogging I love taking photos, reading, organizing, making lists, rearranging our home, being active, eating and dreaming. 

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